In my routes.rb I've got:

map.connect ':name',
            :controller => 'my_classes',
            :action => 'show'

And that works perfectly, so a url like this sends params like so:

Parameters: {"name"=>"awesome"}

But if I have something like this I get this error:

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/weak.sauce" with {:method=>:get}):

How can I get around this?


You could try

map.connect ':name',
            :controller => 'my_classes',
            :action => 'show',
            :name => /[a-zA-Z\.]+/

or use whatever regular expression you want for the name. (The one I suggested should match any letter or dot combination - weak.sauce, weak...sauce, .weak.sauce., etc.)

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  • Perfect. I really need to spend a week on regular expressions, I had a hunch the solution would include them. – Ryan Florence Sep 5 '09 at 18:36
  • 1
    in the regular expression you might want to escape the "." like so: \. – Valters Vingolds Sep 5 '09 at 19:53
  • Since the dot is within a character class it doesn't need to be escaped. Still escaping it won't hurt anything either. – Andrew Hare Sep 5 '09 at 22:13
  • True, I forgot (reaches for coffee ;-) – Vinay Sajip Sep 5 '09 at 22:18

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