Im using tinymce and saving it to a database.

When I edit the saved content using tinymce and save again, it inserts a p tag at the beginning.

Editing the content over and over again leaves a large gap at the beginning of the content.

DOes anyone know a fix?

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TinyMce automatically add "<p>" in new lines. You can set this option in tinyMce initialization like this:

      mode : "textareas",
      theme : "advanced",
      force_br_newlines : false,
      force_p_newlines : false,
      forced_root_block : '',

Hope it will help


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    forced_root_block: '' stops tinymce for constantly wrapping my <span> tags with <p>. Thank you! – Stanimir Stoyanov Oct 12 '14 at 18:21
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    Now it adds DIV tags instead :( – slott Apr 18 '17 at 1:18
  • slott, I think this is a recent update in v.4 Try also adding invalid_elements:"div" to wipe out the extra divs. – Parapluie May 11 '17 at 23:56

I am sure that @Fonski answer is correct but thought I would update this for anyone else that did was confused as to where to put the code. I placed the following in my _config.php file to get it to work:

$defaultEditorConfig = HtmlEditorConfig::get('cms');
        'mode'              => 'textareas',
        'theme'             => 'advanced',
        'force_br_newlines' => false,
        'force_p_newlines'  => false,
        'forced_root_block' => ''

Note: If you just want to remove the p tag that automatically wraps image tags (etc) all you need to set is the 'forced_root_block' => '' option.

EDIT: This advice is for those using SilverStripe, I posted this thinking the questions was SilverStripe specific.

For me it worked by making "force_br_newlines : true" instead of false.

      mode : "textareas",
      theme : "advanced",
      force_br_newlines : true,
      force_p_newlines : false,
      forced_root_block : ''

I hope it helps

  • thanks. I wondered why the selected answer's not working for me – dapidmini Jul 12 at 9:34
  • Thanks for your upvote – Learner Jul 12 at 11:41

From tinymce.js v4.1.10 code:

newBlockName = (settings.force_p_newlines ? 'p' : '') || settings.forced_root_block;

So the key to avoid <p> seems to be as stated before

settings.force_p_newlines = false


settings.forced_root_block = ''

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