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The schema_version table name is case-sensitive due to the quotes in the creation script. This allows for characters not supported in identifiers otherwise. You can configure flyway.table to an uppercase value if you wish.

The columns inside the table are internal to Flyway and not meant as a public API. They are private and therefore can change from one Flyway version to the next. Flyway will always ensure these changes are automatic with no manual effort for you.

  • Ah I wasn't even aware that quotes in sql scripts can have such an effect. databases have a surprise in store for me every single day. Anyway I'm glad this mystery is cleared up. I was mainly bugged by the inconsistency, and because I didn't understand how it was possible. Btw, before asking this question I actually did try flyway.setTable("SCHEMA_VERSION")... – Reto Höhener Dec 14 '12 at 22:21
  • This can be incredibly frustrating when configuring new setups. An optional property to disable the quoting would be most welcome! – corsiKa Dec 19 '15 at 7:10

You enclose the table name in "double quotes" to ensure the actual table created does not suffer from an toUpperCase translation - a feature that is supported in some dbs by configuration.

Enclosing the "table" in quotes ensures the table created is exactly as requested.

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