I'm learning to use epoll function. But my OS X, Mountain Lion doesn't have a header file, sys/epoll.h.

I'd like to use epoll function on OS X. How Can I use epoll function?

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Mac OS X doesn't support epoll, but it does support kqueue which is very similar.


on Mac OSX use kqueue instead of epoll. Do something like this in your java code.

 final boolean isMac = 


    // Configure the server.
    // See https://netty.io/wiki/native-transports.html
    EventLoopGroup bossGroup;
    EventLoopGroup workerGroup;

    if (isMac) {
        bossGroup = new io.netty.channel.kqueue.KQueueEventLoopGroup();
        workerGroup = new io.netty.channel.kqueue.KQueueEventLoopGroup(5);
    } else {
        bossGroup =  new io.netty.channel.epoll.EpollEventLoopGroup();
        workerGroup = new io.netty.channel.epoll.EpollEventLoopGroup(5);

Ensure that you have added io.netty on pom.xml

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