I would like to know what are all the possible values for the timezone argument in the Python library pytz. How to do it?


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You can list all the available timezones with pytz.all_timezones:

In [40]: import pytz
In [41]: pytz.all_timezones

There is also pytz.common_timezones:

In [45]: len(pytz.common_timezones)
Out[45]: 403

In [46]: len(pytz.all_timezones)
Out[46]: 563
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    In addition to all_timezones, pytz also provides common_timezones. May 21, 2013 at 19:10
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    why is China missing?
    – Adders
    Aug 29, 2017 at 16:09
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    China uses a single timezone, whose timezone name is 'Asia/Shanghai'.
    – unutbu
    Aug 29, 2017 at 18:15
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    This expression shows the terrible result pytz can give: (datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=pytz.timezone('Asia/Shanghai')) - datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=pytz.timezone('UTC'))).total_seconds() (the result is not -28800). I will avoid pytz—dateutil.tz provides similar functionalities but uses the OS timezone database and has no such problems.
    – Yongwei Wu
    Feb 1, 2018 at 15:17
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    @YongweiWu it is a wrong API usage. You shouldn't pass a pytz timezone with a non-fixed utc offset as a tzinfo argument directly. Use .localize() method as the pytz docs suggest.
    – jfs
    May 9, 2018 at 11:20

Don't create your own list - pytz has a built-in set:

import pytz
>>> {'Europe/Vienna', 'America/New_York', 'America/Argentina/Salta',..}

You can then apply a timezone:

import datetime
tz = pytz.timezone('Pacific/Johnston')
ct = datetime.datetime.now(tz=tz)
>>> ct.isoformat()

Or if you already have a datetime object that is TZ aware (not naive):

# This timestamp is in UTC
my_ct = datetime.datetime.now(tz=pytz.UTC)

# Now convert it to another timezone
new_ct = my_ct.astimezone(tz)
>>> new_ct.isoformat()

The timezone name is the only reliable way to specify the timezone.

You can find a list of timezone names here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones Note that this list contains a lot of alias names, such as US/Eastern for the timezone that is properly called America/New_York.

If you programatically want to create this list from the zoneinfo database you can compile it from the zone.tab file in the zoneinfo database. I don't think pytz has an API to get them, and I also don't think it would be very useful.

  • Letting people choose their timezone from a list is quite useful. Plenty of websites and Linux installers do that already.
    – qris
    Nov 9, 2020 at 11:30

Here is a Python list of country codes, names, continents, capitals, and pytz timezones:

countries = [
  {'timezones': ['Europe/Paris'], 'code': 'FR', 'continent': 'Europe', 'name': 'France', 'capital': 'Paris'}
  {'timezones': ['Africa/Kampala'], 'code': 'UG', 'continent': 'Africa', 'name': 'Uganda', 'capital': 'Kampala'},
  {'timezones': ['Asia/Colombo'], 'code': 'LK', 'continent': 'Asia', 'name': 'Sri Lanka', 'capital': 'Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte'},
  {'timezones': ['Asia/Riyadh'], 'code': 'SA', 'continent': 'Asia', 'name': 'Saudi Arabia', 'capital': 'Riyadh'},
  {'timezones': ['Africa/Luanda'], 'code': 'AO', 'continent': 'Africa', 'name': 'Angola', 'capital': 'Luanda'},    
  {'timezones': ['Europe/Vienna'], 'code': 'AT', 'continent': 'Europe', 'name': 'Austria', 'capital': 'Vienna'},
  {'timezones': ['Asia/Calcutta'], 'code': 'IN', 'continent': 'Asia', 'name': 'India', 'capital': 'New Delhi'},
  {'timezones': ['Asia/Dubai'], 'code': 'AE', 'continent': 'Asia', 'name': 'United Arab Emirates', 'capital': 'Abu Dhabi'},
  {'timezones': ['Europe/London'], 'code': 'GB', 'continent': 'Europe', 'name': 'United Kingdom', 'capital': 'London'},

For the full list, see this GitHub Gist.


Available from Python 3.9:

zoneinfo, new module in Python 3.9 which works with the database of IANA.

In order to grab all the available timezones, first:

pip install tzdata

And then:

import zoneinfo

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    This is also noted on the pytz homepage: "Projects using Python 3.9 or later should be using the support now included as part of the standard library, and third party packages work with it such as tzdata. pytz offers no advantages beyond backwards compatibility with code written for earlier versions of Python." Dec 3, 2023 at 14:48

EDIT: I would appreciate it if you do not downvote this answer further. This answer is wrong, but I would rather retain it as a historical note. While it is arguable whether the pytz interface is error-prone, it can do things that dateutil.tz cannot do, especially regarding daylight-saving in the past or in the future. I have honestly recorded my experience in an article "Time zones in Python".

If you are on a Unix-like platform, I would suggest you avoid pytz and look just at /usr/share/zoneinfo. dateutil.tz can utilize the information there.

The following piece of code shows the problem pytz can give. I was shocked when I first found it out. (Interestingly enough, the pytz installed by yum on CentOS 7 does not exhibit this problem.)

import pytz
import dateutil.tz
from datetime import datetime
print((datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=pytz.timezone('Asia/Shanghai'))
     - datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=pytz.timezone('UTC')))
print((datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=dateutil.tz.gettz('Asia/Shanghai'))
     - datetime(2017,2,13,14,29,29, tzinfo=dateutil.tz.tzutc()))


I.e. the timezone created by pytz is for the true local time, instead of the standard local time people observe. Shanghai conforms to +0800, not +0806 as suggested by pytz:

<DstTzInfo 'Asia/Shanghai' LMT+8:06:00 STD>

EDIT: Thanks to Mark Ransom's comment and downvote, now I know I am using pytz the wrong way. In summary, you are not supposed to pass the result of pytz.timezone(…) to datetime, but should pass the datetime to its localize method.

Despite his argument (and my bad for not reading the pytz documentation more carefully), I am going to keep this answer. I was answering the question in one way (how to enumerate the supported timezones, though not with pytz), because I believed pytz did not provide a correct solution. Though my belief was wrong, this answer is still providing some information, IMHO, which is potentially useful to people interested in this question. Pytz's correct way of doing things is counter-intuitive. Heck, if the tzinfo created by pytz should not be directly used by datetime, it should be a different type. The pytz interface is simply badly designed. The link provided by Mark shows that many people, not just me, have been misled by the pytz interface.

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    See stackoverflow.com/questions/11473721/… for a fix. There's nothing wrong with pytz, you're just using it wrong. P.S. This is not an answer to the question at all. Feb 1, 2018 at 16:17
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    @MarkRansom Good info, and it is nice to know. However, I do not buy your argument. The interface is designed wrong, period. It is very much counterintuitive.
    – Yongwei Wu
    Feb 2, 2018 at 2:06
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    Yes, the interface is designed wrong. But it's the datetime interface that's wrong, not pytz. datetime did not anticipate intelligent timezone objects, so its interface does not initialize them properly. Feb 2, 2018 at 4:28
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    As I said, pytz can't follow the datetime interface because the datetime interface is deficient. The authors of that interface did not anticipate the problems of a timezone whose parameters change over the years. Just because it's part of the standard Python distribution does not mean it's perfect. Feb 2, 2018 at 7:11
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    If the standard interface is deficient, live with it. Do not break it. If pytz really needs to do something special, make the result of pytz.timezone incompatible with the tzinfo parameter of datetime. It is better to make the program stop than generate incorrect results.
    – Yongwei Wu
    Feb 2, 2018 at 15:04

For pytz , could use below in for loop.

for tz in pytz.all_timezones:

So output will be in line by line.


As mentioned in eary answers, below is also works.


It prints everything in an array,

['Africa/Abidjan', 'Africa/Accra', 'Africa/Addis_Ababa', 'Africa/Algiers', 'Africa/Asmara', 'Africa/Asmera', 'Africa/Bamako', 'Africa/Bangui', 'Africa/Banjul', 'Africa/Bissau', 'Africa/Blantyre', 'Africa/Brazzaville', 'Africa/Bujumbura', 'Africa/Cairo', 'Africa/Casablanca', 'Africa/Ceuta', 'Africa/Conakry', 'Africa/Dakar', 'Africa/Dar_es_Salaam', 'Africa/Djibouti', 'Africa/Douala', 'Africa/El_Aaiun', 'Africa/Freetown', 'Africa/Gaborone', 'Africa/Harare', 'Africa/Johannesburg', 'Africa/Juba', 'Africa/Kampala', 'Africa/Khartoum', 'Africa/Kigali', 'Africa/Kinshasa', 'Africa/Lagos', 'Africa/Libreville', 'Africa/Lome', 'Africa/Luanda', 'Africa/Lubumbashi', 'Africa/Lusaka', 'Africa/Malabo', 'Africa/Maputo', 'Africa/Maseru', 'Africa/Mbabane', 'Africa/Mogadishu', 'Africa/Monrovia', 'Africa/Nairobi', 'Africa/Ndjamena', 'Africa/Niamey', 'Africa/Nouakchott', 'Africa/Ouagadougou', 'Africa/Porto-Novo', 'Africa/Sao_Tome', 'Africa/Timbuktu', 'Africa/Tripoli', 'Africa/Tunis', 'Africa/Windhoek', 'America/Adak', 'America/Anchorage', 'America/Anguilla', 'America/Antigua', 'America/Araguaina', 'America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires', 'America/Argentina/Catamarca', 'America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia', 'America/Argentina/Cordoba', 'America/Argentina/Jujuy', 'America/Argentina/La_Rioja', 'America/Argentina/Mendoza', 'America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos', 'America/Argentina/Salta', 'America/Argentina/San_Juan', 'America/Argentina/San_Luis', 'America/Argentina/Tucuman', 'America/Argentina/Ushuaia', 'America/Aruba', 'America/Asuncion', 'America/Atikokan', 'America/Atka', 'America/Bahia', 'America/Bahia_Banderas', 'America/Barbados', 'America/Belem', 'America/Belize', 'America/Blanc-Sablon', 'America/Boa_Vista', 'America/Bogota', 'America/Boise', 'America/Buenos_Aires', 'America/Cambridge_Bay', 'America/Campo_Grande', 'America/Cancun', 'America/Caracas', 'America/Catamarca', 'America/Cayenne', 'America/Cayman', 'America/Chicago', 'America/Chihuahua', 'America/Coral_Harbour', 'America/Cordoba', 'America/Costa_Rica', 'America/Creston', 'America/Cuiaba', 'America/Curacao', 'America/Danmarkshavn', 'America/Dawson', 'America/Dawson_Creek', 'America/Denver', 'America/Detroit', 'America/Dominica', 'America/Edmonton', 'America/Eirunepe', 'America/El_Salvador', 'America/Ensenada', 'America/Fort_Nelson', 'America/Fort_Wayne', 'America/Fortaleza', 'America/Glace_Bay', 'America/Godthab', 'America/Goose_Bay', 'America/Grand_Turk', 'America/Grenada', 'America/Guadeloupe', 'America/Guatemala', 'America/Guayaquil', 'America/Guyana', 'America/Halifax', 'America/Havana', 'America/Hermosillo', 'America/Indiana/Indianapolis', 'America/Indiana/Knox', 'America/Indiana/Marengo', 'America/Indiana/Petersburg', 'America/Indiana/Tell_City', 'America/Indiana/Vevay', 'America/Indiana/Vincennes', 'America/Indiana/Winamac', 'America/Indianapolis', 'America/Inuvik', 'America/Iqaluit', 'America/Jamaica', 'America/Jujuy', 'America/Juneau', 'America/Kentucky/Louisville', 'America/Kentucky/Monticello', 'America/Knox_IN', 'America/Kralendijk', 'America/La_Paz', 'America/Lima', 'America/Los_Angeles', 'America/Louisville', 'America/Lower_Princes', 'America/Maceio', 'America/Managua', 'America/Manaus', 'America/Marigot', 'America/Martinique', 'America/Matamoros', 'America/Mazatlan', 'America/Mendoza', 'America/Menominee', 'America/Merida', 'America/Metlakatla', 'America/Mexico_City', 'America/Miquelon', 'America/Moncton', 'America/Monterrey', 'America/Montevideo', 'America/Montreal', 'America/Montserrat', 'America/Nassau', 'America/New_York', 'America/Nipigon', 'America/Nome', 'America/Noronha', 'America/North_Dakota/Beulah', 'America/North_Dakota/Center', 'America/North_Dakota/New_Salem', 'America/Nuuk', 'America/Ojinaga', 'America/Panama', 'America/Pangnirtung', 'America/Paramaribo', 'America/Phoenix', 'America/Port-au-Prince', 'America/Port_of_Spain', 'America/Porto_Acre', 'America/Porto_Velho', 'America/Puerto_Rico', 'America/Punta_Arenas', 'America/Rainy_River', 'America/Rankin_Inlet', 'America/Recife', 'America/Regina', 'America/Resolute', 'America/Rio_Branco', 'America/Rosario', 'America/Santa_Isabel', 'America/Santarem', 'America/Santiago', 'America/Santo_Domingo', 'America/Sao_Paulo', 'America/Scoresbysund', 'America/Shiprock', 'America/Sitka', 'America/St_Barthelemy', 'America/St_Johns', 'America/St_Kitts', 'America/St_Lucia', 'America/St_Thomas', 'America/St_Vincent', 'America/Swift_Current', 'America/Tegucigalpa', 'America/Thule', 'America/Thunder_Bay', 'America/Tijuana', 'America/Toronto', 'America/Tortola', 'America/Vancouver', 'America/Virgin', 'America/Whitehorse', 'America/Winnipeg', 'America/Yakutat', 'America/Yellowknife', 'Antarctica/Casey', 'Antarctica/Davis', 'Antarctica/DumontDUrville', 'Antarctica/Macquarie', 'Antarctica/Mawson', 'Antarctica/McMurdo', 'Antarctica/Palmer', 'Antarctica/Rothera', 'Antarctica/South_Pole', 'Antarctica/Syowa', 'Antarctica/Troll', 'Antarctica/Vostok', 'Arctic/Longyearbyen', 'Asia/Aden', 'Asia/Almaty', 'Asia/Amman', 'Asia/Anadyr', 'Asia/Aqtau', 'Asia/Aqtobe', 'Asia/Ashgabat', 'Asia/Ashkhabad', 'Asia/Atyrau', 'Asia/Baghdad', 'Asia/Bahrain', 'Asia/Baku', 'Asia/Bangkok', 'Asia/Barnaul', 'Asia/Beirut', 'Asia/Bishkek', 'Asia/Brunei', 'Asia/Calcutta', 'Asia/Chita', 'Asia/Choibalsan', 'Asia/Chongqing', 'Asia/Chungking', 'Asia/Colombo', 'Asia/Dacca', 'Asia/Damascus', 'Asia/Dhaka', 'Asia/Dili', 'Asia/Dubai', 'Asia/Dushanbe', 'Asia/Famagusta', 'Asia/Gaza', 'Asia/Harbin', 'Asia/Hebron', 'Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh', 'Asia/Hong_Kong', 'Asia/Hovd', 'Asia/Irkutsk', 'Asia/Istanbul', 'Asia/Jakarta', 'Asia/Jayapura', 'Asia/Jerusalem', 'Asia/Kabul', 'Asia/Kamchatka', 'Asia/Karachi', 'Asia/Kashgar', 'Asia/Kathmandu', 'Asia/Katmandu', 'Asia/Khandyga', 'Asia/Kolkata', 'Asia/Krasnoyarsk', 'Asia/Kuala_Lumpur', 'Asia/Kuching', 'Asia/Kuwait', 'Asia/Macao', 'Asia/Macau', 'Asia/Magadan', 'Asia/Makassar', 'Asia/Manila', 'Asia/Muscat', 'Asia/Nicosia', 'Asia/Novokuznetsk', 'Asia/Novosibirsk', 'Asia/Omsk', 'Asia/Oral', 'Asia/Phnom_Penh', 'Asia/Pontianak', 'Asia/Pyongyang', 'Asia/Qatar', 'Asia/Qostanay', 'Asia/Qyzylorda', 'Asia/Rangoon', 'Asia/Riyadh', 'Asia/Saigon', 'Asia/Sakhalin', 'Asia/Samarkand', 'Asia/Seoul', 'Asia/Shanghai', 'Asia/Singapore', 'Asia/Srednekolymsk', 'Asia/Taipei', 'Asia/Tashkent', 'Asia/Tbilisi', 'Asia/Tehran', 'Asia/Tel_Aviv', 'Asia/Thimbu', 'Asia/Thimphu', 'Asia/Tokyo', 'Asia/Tomsk', 'Asia/Ujung_Pandang', 'Asia/Ulaanbaatar', 'Asia/Ulan_Bator', 'Asia/Urumqi', 'Asia/Ust-Nera', 'Asia/Vientiane', 'Asia/Vladivostok', 'Asia/Yakutsk', 'Asia/Yangon', 'Asia/Yekaterinburg', 'Asia/Yerevan', 'Atlantic/Azores', 'Atlantic/Bermuda', 'Atlantic/Canary', 'Atlantic/Cape_Verde', 'Atlantic/Faeroe', 'Atlantic/Faroe', 'Atlantic/Jan_Mayen', 'Atlantic/Madeira', 'Atlantic/Reykjavik', 'Atlantic/South_Georgia', 'Atlantic/St_Helena', 'Atlantic/Stanley', 'Australia/ACT', 'Australia/Adelaide', 'Australia/Brisbane', 'Australia/Broken_Hill', 'Australia/Canberra', 'Australia/Currie', 'Australia/Darwin', 'Australia/Eucla', 'Australia/Hobart', 'Australia/LHI', 'Australia/Lindeman', 'Australia/Lord_Howe', 'Australia/Melbourne', 'Australia/NSW', 'Australia/North', 'Australia/Perth', 'Australia/Queensland', 'Australia/South', 'Australia/Sydney', 'Australia/Tasmania', 'Australia/Victoria', 'Australia/West', 'Australia/Yancowinna', 'Brazil/Acre', 'Brazil/DeNoronha', 'Brazil/East', 'Brazil/West', 'CET', 'CST6CDT', 'Canada/Atlantic', 'Canada/Central', 'Canada/Eastern', 'Canada/Mountain', 'Canada/Newfoundland', 'Canada/Pacific', 'Canada/Saskatchewan', 'Canada/Yukon', 'Chile/Continental', 'Chile/EasterIsland', 'Cuba', 'EET', 'EST', 'EST5EDT', 'Egypt', 'Eire', 'Etc/GMT', 'Etc/GMT+0', 'Etc/GMT+1', 'Etc/GMT+10', 'Etc/GMT+11', 'Etc/GMT+12', 'Etc/GMT+2', 'Etc/GMT+3', 'Etc/GMT+4', 'Etc/GMT+5', 'Etc/GMT+6', 'Etc/GMT+7', 'Etc/GMT+8', 'Etc/GMT+9', 'Etc/GMT-0', 'Etc/GMT-1', 'Etc/GMT-10', 'Etc/GMT-11', 'Etc/GMT-12', 'Etc/GMT-13', 'Etc/GMT-14', 'Etc/GMT-2', 'Etc/GMT-3', 'Etc/GMT-4', 'Etc/GMT-5', 'Etc/GMT-6', 'Etc/GMT-7', 'Etc/GMT-8', 'Etc/GMT-9', 'Etc/GMT0', 'Etc/Greenwich', 'Etc/UCT', 'Etc/UTC', 'Etc/Universal', 'Etc/Zulu', 'Europe/Amsterdam', 'Europe/Andorra', 'Europe/Astrakhan', 'Europe/Athens', 'Europe/Belfast', 'Europe/Belgrade', 'Europe/Berlin', 'Europe/Bratislava', 'Europe/Brussels', 'Europe/Bucharest', 'Europe/Budapest', 'Europe/Busingen', 'Europe/Chisinau', 'Europe/Copenhagen', 'Europe/Dublin', 'Europe/Gibraltar', 'Europe/Guernsey', 'Europe/Helsinki', 'Europe/Isle_of_Man', 'Europe/Istanbul', 'Europe/Jersey', 'Europe/Kaliningrad', 'Europe/Kiev', 'Europe/Kirov', 'Europe/Lisbon', 'Europe/Ljubljana', 'Europe/London', 'Europe/Luxembourg', 'Europe/Madrid', 'Europe/Malta', 'Europe/Mariehamn', 'Europe/Minsk', 'Europe/Monaco', 'Europe/Moscow', 'Europe/Nicosia', 'Europe/Oslo', 'Europe/Paris', 'Europe/Podgorica', 'Europe/Prague', 'Europe/Riga', 'Europe/Rome', 'Europe/Samara', 'Europe/San_Marino', 'Europe/Sarajevo', 'Europe/Saratov', 'Europe/Simferopol', 'Europe/Skopje', 'Europe/Sofia', 'Europe/Stockholm', 'Europe/Tallinn', 'Europe/Tirane', 'Europe/Tiraspol', 'Europe/Ulyanovsk', 'Europe/Uzhgorod', 'Europe/Vaduz', 'Europe/Vatican', 'Europe/Vienna', 'Europe/Vilnius', 'Europe/Volgograd', 'Europe/Warsaw', 'Europe/Zagreb', 'Europe/Zaporozhye', 'Europe/Zurich', 'GB', 'GB-Eire', 'GMT', 'GMT+0', 'GMT-0', 'GMT0', 'Greenwich', 'HST', 'Hongkong', 'Iceland', 'Indian/Antananarivo', 'Indian/Chagos', 'Indian/Christmas', 'Indian/Cocos', 'Indian/Comoro', 'Indian/Kerguelen', 'Indian/Mahe', 'Indian/Maldives', 'Indian/Mauritius', 'Indian/Mayotte', 'Indian/Reunion', 'Iran', 'Israel', 'Jamaica', 'Japan', 'Kwajalein', 'Libya', 'MET', 'MST', 'MST7MDT', 'Mexico/BajaNorte', 'Mexico/BajaSur', 'Mexico/General', 'NZ', 'NZ-CHAT', 'Navajo', 'PRC', 'PST8PDT', 'Pacific/Apia', 'Pacific/Auckland', 'Pacific/Bougainville', 'Pacific/Chatham', 'Pacific/Chuuk', 'Pacific/Easter', 'Pacific/Efate', 'Pacific/Enderbury', 'Pacific/Fakaofo', 'Pacific/Fiji', 'Pacific/Funafuti', 'Pacific/Galapagos', 'Pacific/Gambier', 'Pacific/Guadalcanal', 'Pacific/Guam', 'Pacific/Honolulu', 'Pacific/Johnston', 'Pacific/Kanton', 'Pacific/Kiritimati', 'Pacific/Kosrae', 'Pacific/Kwajalein', 'Pacific/Majuro', 'Pacific/Marquesas', 'Pacific/Midway', 'Pacific/Nauru', 'Pacific/Niue', 'Pacific/Norfolk', 'Pacific/Noumea', 'Pacific/Pago_Pago', 'Pacific/Palau', 'Pacific/Pitcairn', 'Pacific/Pohnpei', 'Pacific/Ponape', 'Pacific/Port_Moresby', 'Pacific/Rarotonga', 'Pacific/Saipan', 'Pacific/Samoa', 'Pacific/Tahiti', 'Pacific/Tarawa', 'Pacific/Tongatapu', 'Pacific/Truk', 'Pacific/Wake', 'Pacific/Wallis', 'Pacific/Yap', 'Poland', 'Portugal', 'ROC', 'ROK', 'Singapore', 'Turkey', 'UCT', 'US/Alaska', 'US/Aleutian', 'US/Arizona', 'US/Central', 'US/East-Indiana', 'US/Eastern', 'US/Hawaii', 'US/Indiana-Starke', 'US/Michigan', 'US/Mountain', 'US/Pacific', 'US/Samoa', 'UTC', 'Universal', 'W-SU', 'WET', 'Zulu']

They appear to be populated by the tz database time zones found here.

enter image description here


you will find all the pytz supported timezones here:


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Also, I understood that we can provide a comprehensive list for all pytz timezones with the help of country_timezones and country_names from this library:

In [1]: from pytz import country_names, country_timezones

In [2]: all_timezones = [country_timezones.get(country) for country in country_names]

In [3]: all_timezones

In addition, there is another way to get a common list of timezones names, which will be provided by common_timezones_set:

In [1]: from pytz import common_timezones_set

In [2]: list(common_timezones_set)


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