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I have been messing with this problem for hours, and decided it's time to ask SO :)

I have a Qt program that rotates an image and then updates the size of the widget. Here is the code I'm using to do this currently.

void VideoSubWindow::showFrame(const QImage& frame)
    QPixmap pixmap = QPixmap::fromImage(frame);

void VideoSubWindow::resizeWidgets(const QSize &size)
    if(frameSize != size)
        frameSize = size;
        ui->scrollArea->setMinimumSize(size.width() + 2, size.height() + 2);

The widgets are structured as follows:

VideoSubWindow (QMainWindow)
 -> centralWidget (QWidget) (Vertical layout is set on this)
   -> scrollArea (QScrollArea)
     -> videoFrameLabel (QLabel)
   -> statusBar (QStatusBar)
   -> menuBar (QMenuBar)

When the code above is executed, like rotating the image 90 degrees, the image will be rotated, but the window doesn't resize to fit the new pixmap size. I have tried to call adjustSize() and updateGeometry() on SubWindow and centralWidget, but those seem to have zero effect. But, if I manually resize the window with my mouse, the window snaps to the minimum size that was set for the scrollArea, so that seems to be taking effect.

Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

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Try with the resize(...) function : Qt documentation

adjustSize() used sizeHint() function, so calling adjustSize() on SubWindow and centralWidget cannot have any effet

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried resizing both centralWidget and VideoSubWindow using the scrollArea size but no change :-\ – mevatron Dec 16 '12 at 20:58
I may not understand what you are trying to do, but you should try to resize the scrollArea... – benjarobin Dec 16 '12 at 21:25
I tried this yesterday, but still no joy :( I'm not sure how to get the window to size when the image size changes. – mevatron Dec 18 '12 at 18:51

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