I've got a list of grails plugings in my 1.3.7 app. I'm converting it to 2.1.0 and doing a cleanup.

In my application.properties I have the following:


I'm moving them all to my BuildConfig.groovy instead.

I'm curious as to what is the most appropriate scope for each plugin?


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My usual rule of thumb is

  • build scope for plugins that are part of the build process but shouldn't go into the WAR for production deployment
  • test scope for things that should be available to tests but not to application code
  • runtime scope for plugins (or JAR dependencies) that you need for the app to run but which you don't want to tightly couple your app to (you can't import a class from a runtime dependency into one of your app's own classes, for example)
  • compile scope for everything else

If in doubt, compile will definitely work, as plugins in application.properties are treated as if they were declared in compile scope.

So tomcat definitely wants build scope, spring-security-core definitely wants compile, I guess fixtures and build-test-data should be test, the others compile or runtime depending on whether you need to import any of their classes directly.

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