I'm trying to schedule run multiple pythons using batch file.

For example there are my python files that I want to schedule run them on the daily basis


now how can I combine these two files into a .bat, so that I can schedule run these two file using python.exe (C:\python27\python.exe) at the same time.

Thank you

  • Well, there is the option of calling them natively from a parent Python script too. But even if you don't want to do that, this is a pretty rudimentary batch script. Are you having specific problems with environment or something, or do you just want a ready-made custom solution done for you?
    – Silas Ray
    Dec 14, 2012 at 14:38

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Method 1: Bat file.

If you have python in the PATH Environment variable:

start python D:\py\s1.py
start python D:\py\s2.py

Else literal path

start C:\python27\python.exe D:\py\s1.py
start C:\python27\python.exe D:\py\s2.py

Note that this will not wait for a return from either execution. Note, do not forget to add quotations around the path strings if they contain spaces or special characters.

See start /? for more help and options.

Method 2: Two different Scheduled Tasks

Create two separate scheduled tasks that start at the same time each calling python to run one of the scripts.


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