I am using cordova 2.2.0 with Xcode 4.5.2. On one of my pages I have a select component and once a particular option is selected I want to display a table within a div. My html looks like this: <div class="hero-unit" id="#facprog"></div>

The javascript/jquery looks like this:

$(function() { 
 $('#selFaculty').change(function() {
  var facultyName = $('#selFaculty').val();
  var progDetails = app.fillFacultyProgramme(facultyName);

Note that #selFaculty is the id of the select object. However, when the select option changes, everything in javascript executes except for the append. Nothing shows up in the div. Is there a different way to add html element to a div in jquery under cordova 2.2.0 in iOS? Thanks in advance, José


With jquery you can refresh a div.

This is a good example:

    var auto_refresh = setInterval(
     }, 20000);

and now you need to put the div in the body section of your page

<div id="loaddiv"> 

from http://designgala.com/how-to-refresh-div-using-jquery/

and there is another example here:

refresh div with jquery

The first example is useful when you need to load a script and refresh and the second one is useful when you need to make a change, e.g. append html and then refresh as in your case.

  • thanks for your quick response. Actually the problem was in my selector. I wasn't picking the right object. I had to navigate through the DOM till I find the object I was looking for. Now it works fine – joque Dec 14 '12 at 16:21

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