I'm trying to select different prices of a product based on the quantity that user chooses. This is the query I'm working on (it has a syntax error):

 select id, 
    ELSEIF(('23'>qty_1 && qty_2<='23'),price_2,1)
    ELSEIF(('23'>qty_2 && qty_3<='23'),price_3,1)
    END IF) as total 
 from product;
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    you should use CASE
    – Sir Rufo
    Commented Dec 14, 2012 at 23:26

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You have what you have used in stored procedures like this for reference, but they are not intended to be used as you have now. You can use IF as shown by duskwuff. But a Case statement is better for eyes. Like this:

select id, 
        WHEN qty_1 <= '23' THEN price
        WHEN '23' > qty_1 && qty_2 <= '23' THEN price_2
        WHEN '23' > qty_2 && qty_3 <= '23' THEN price_3
        WHEN '23' > qty_3 THEN price_4
        ELSE 1
    END) AS total
 from product;

This looks cleaner. I suppose you do not require the inner SELECT anyway..

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    Yes indeed, it looks better, I will choose this option but its good to have both approaches for future references.. Thanks nawfal Commented Dec 15, 2012 at 4:51

IF() in MySQL is a ternary function, not a control structure -- if the condition in the first argument is true, it returns the second argument; otherwise, it returns the third argument. There is no corresponding ELSEIF() function or END IF keyword.

The closest equivalent to what you've got would be something like:

IF(qty_1<='23', price,
  IF('23'>qty_1 && qty_2<='23', price_2,
    IF('23'>qty_2 && qty_3<='23', price_3,
      IF('23'>qty_3, price_4, 1)

The conditions don't all make sense to me (it looks as though some of them may be inadvertently reversed?), but without knowing what exactly you're trying to accomplish, it's hard for me to fix that.

  • i figure that out a min ago... select productoid, precio, precio_2, precio_3, IF(cant_1>23,precio, IF (23>cant_1 && cant_2>23,precio_2,IF (23>cant_2 && cant_3>23,precio_3,IF (23>cant_4,precio_4,1)))) as total from producto the thing is that im not able to create a stand-alone price table because of my bosses request that would be much easier to make a join and get the price based on the quantity... Commented Dec 14, 2012 at 23:40
  • a closer thing would be using case when (condition) then {computed value} when then else end
    – ahnbizcad
    Commented Jul 28, 2016 at 22:36

I found a bug in MySQL 5.1.72 when using the nested if() functions .... the value of column variables (e.g. qty_1) is blank inside the second if(), rendering it useless. Use the following construct instead:

  when qty_1<='23' then price
  when '23'>qty_1 && qty_2<='23' then price_2
  when '23'>qty_2 && qty_3<='23' then price_3
  when '23'>qty_3 then price_4
  else 1

For your question :

   IF(qty_1 <= '23', price,
   IF(('23' > qty_1 && qty_2 <= '23'), price_2,
   IF(('23' > qty_2 && qty_3 <= '23'), price_3,
   IF(('23' > qty_2 && qty_3<='23'), price_3,
   IF('23' > qty_3, price_4, 1))))) as total 
FROM product;

You can use the if - else control structure or the IF function in MySQL.


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As per Nawfal's answer, IF statements need to be in a procedure. I found this post that shows a brilliant example of using your script in a procedure while still developing and testing. Basically, you create, call then drop the procedure:


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