I've got simple code to copy files with xlutils, xlrd, xlwt (downloaded new libraries from python-excel.org) with not loosing formatting. I've got an error as below:

from xlwt.Workbook import *
from xlwt.Style import *
from xlrd import open_workbook
from xlutils.copy import copy
import xlrd

style = XFStyle()
rb = open_workbook('file_master.xlsx', formatting_info=True)
wb = copy(rb.get_sheet(0))

new_book = Workbook()
w_sheet = wb.get_sheet(0)



 raise NotImplementedError("formatting_info=True not yet implemented")
NotImplementedError: formatting_info=True not yet implemented

Could you please help me how to work around this or rather make it work?


According to this thread the flag


is only working for xls-files, but not for xlsx yet (Version xlrd-0.8.0).

As a workaround you could convert the workbook to xls using Excel or OpenOffice.

It seems that a commandline conversion from xlsx to xls is possible using Unoconv on Linux, Windows and MacOSX.

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