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Where is binary search used in practice?
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I have done various exercises involving adding,deleting,ordering and so on.

However i am having a hard time visualizing the use of binary search tree in real world programs. I mean sure it is way faster than some of the other algorithms for searching. But is this its only use ?

Could you give me some examples of this algorithm use in real world software.

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Whenever you use maps (or dictionaries) you are using binary search trees. This means that when you need to store arrays that look like

myArray["not_an_integer"] = 42;

you are probably using binary search trees.

In C++ for instance, you have the std::map and std::hash_map types. The first one is coded as a binary tree with O(log(n)) insertion and lookup, whereas the second one is coded as a hash map (with O(1) lookup time).

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Binary Space Partition is required in computer graphics. This uses Binary Search. More details are available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_space_partitioning

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