I used to upload binary files using the downloads / add download ... button on the files tab in my repo. This functionality seems to be gone. Does anybody have any idea why? Temporary Github issue / browser issue / ...?


GitHub uploads were discontinued on december 11th. See the blog post for more information.


You can't upload anymore and the download tab is gone. The download area and the downloads will continue to work for another 90 days. Just add /downloads to the link of your repository.

EDIT: Archive.org archived all github downloads that were available when github shut down uploading: http://archive.org/details/github-downloads-2012-12

EDIT: A similar to thing to downloads to launched July 2013: GitHub Releases. There you can add uploads to releases, which is what most people were doing with GitHub Downloads anyways.

  • 90 days are over. Adding /downloads still works. – JonnyJD Apr 19 '13 at 0:56

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