I'm trying to install LDAP. I've installed slapd and the PhpLDAPAdmin tool on Debian, but when I'm logged in, I cannot do anything. Despite I've logged in as 'cn=admin,dc=barbucha', I see on the right side instead of the tree:

Logged in as: dc=example,dc=com
   This base cannot be created with PLA.

I tried Google, but this error seems to be a rare one. I've created a database there is the 'cn=admin,dc=barbucha' in. (Otherwise I could not use the name to log in.)


This happens quite rarely. From an unknown reason the configuring process didn't get data from the LDAP server and didn't set proper values in the /etc/phpldapadmin/config.php script. Somewhere near by line 300 were two important lines generated erroneously:


These settings uses PhpLDAPAdmin to access LDAP datatase regardless to the login name you've been logged in with. To update these lines helped:

  • maybe it's not that rare: it's enough to install phpldapadmin before slapd for example. – Kristóf Szalay Mar 11 '17 at 13:21
  • I faced this issue when I uninstalled my ldap server and re-installed with a different Base DN, thanks to your answer everything works fine. – mSatyam Feb 15 at 11:15

probably you should add a LDAP root first: create a file in /etc/openldap/

vim /etc/openldap/base.ldif

then input:

dn: dc=em,dc=com
o: RDCenter
objectclass: dcobject
objectclass: organization

and run this command in the directory:

ldapadd  -f base.ldif  -x -D  cn=Admin,dc=em,dc=com -W

Input your own password,and the root node would be added. Reopen the phpldapadmin,you will find everything is well

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