Sublime suddenly began to fall always after start.

*** glibc detected *** sublime: free(): invalid pointer: 0x42197460 ***

full: https://gist.github.com/4321825

I have already tried to delete config and rerun sublime and reinstall it but it hadn't any effect.

glibc version:

Version     : 2.15
Release     : 58.fc17

fedora 17, x32

Sublime Text 2 Build 2217

I also tried all version from here http://repo.cloudhike.com/sublime2_dev/fedora/17/i386/RPMS/ but it have had the same effect.


After some research I have found that problem was in package

cairo-freeworld.i686 0:1.10.2-1.fc17.R

Which have come as dependency of

fontconfig-infinality.noarch 3.1-3.R

I have just downgrade it to fix my issue.

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