I am quite new into application development.

Just wanted to ask you guys, How do I implement the source code from Tesseract inside Visual Studio that I could compile and run? What are steps I have to do to get it running? I can't seem to find the full project file for it. Thanks in advanced.


Have you tried the instruction for building on Windows from this page?


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While a go I was in the same situation, Google Code was shutting down and the official Github Tesseract implementation for Visual Studio was really buggy, old and didn't compile.

This repository with a ready to go VS 3.02 tesseract implementation with Leptonica helped me:


It has a documentation how to run it. But basically you have to open it with VS and run it. It will create the dll and libraries required to use Tesseract in a VS Project and the binaries ready to go using Command Lines.

If you need the documentation for Tesseract 3.02 or higher you can find it here:


The oficial forum is in google groups there you will find some examples:


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