When I open blender 2.64, it automatically shows the start/splash screen (I mean the little box in the middle of the page where you can open recent .blend files). I Would like to disable this, but cannot find out how. Does anybody know?

You might wonder: why would you want that? Well, I have an external program that opens blender and shows a scene. This for a presentation. I really don't like how I have to manually close the startscreen before you can actually see the scene.

Note: I do not need to actually render something, I want Blender to stay in edit mode after showing the scene. Opening blender in the background and rendering a scene and then getting that image and than showing that rendered image instead is NOT what I need.



Under File -> User Preferences, there's a tab called 'Interface' (it's the left-most one). Under that tab, on the bottom right, there should be an option called 'Show Splash'. Just un-tick that and your done!

Edit: Forgot to mention that you need to Save as Preference before it works properly.

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