I'm facing unique error/alert-popup while editing JavaScript files in Eclipse and it pops up this error every time I place the cursor on that line.

JS: NullPointerException when cursor is placed at the end of the line containing return statement.

foo.bar = function(x) {
    if (xyz) {
      return fn(x);«error»

    return fn(x);«error»

    return (fn(x));«error»

    return new fn(x);«ok»

    return x;«sometimes»

    return "";«error» 

    return x+"x";«error» 

    return this.x;«error»

    return fn(

    return new fn(

  • «» — cursor position
  • «ok» — no error
  • «error» — triggers error
  • «sometimes» — I have code that never triggers an exception in that case, but I don’t see a pattern.

If cursor is at the end of the line of a return, this exception happens:

An internal error occurred during: "Requesting JavaScript AST from selection".

The Eclipse error is:

'Requesting JavaScript AST from Selection' has encountered a problem. 
An internal error occured during "Requesting JavaScript AST from selection". 

Is there a solution or workaround available to fix the problem?

  • Interesting phenomenon, but what's your question? – Bergi Dec 18 '12 at 14:48
  • @Bergi When I'm trying to edit a JS file, my eclipse starts poping up with some error note regularly. I'm unable to write any thing. The moment i place the cursor, at the end of line, it throws the popup. – Swatantra Kumar Dec 19 '12 at 5:00
  • possible duplicate of Eclipse error constantly pops up while editing Javascript – fuxia Jul 13 '13 at 13:49

Simplest solution:

  • Turn off Toggle Mark Occurrences (Alt-Shift-O or the paintbrush icon on the toolbar, which handily, will show you your current state).

    • It's just disabling the feature of highlighting other occurrences of whatever variable, etc you have your cursor on.

Official solution:

  • You can track the official bug here.

  • There is a patch posted here which you might try.

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  • Just for completeness' sake, with the Mac version (I'm on Eclipse Helios) the shortcut to Toggle Mark Occurrences is <kbd>ALT</kbd>+<kbd>CMD</kbd>+<kbd>O</kbd> (the letter O, not the number zero). – pille May 12 '13 at 7:27
  • Altough this is the correct answer to eliminate the bug, there is a topic here And the accepted answer worth reading – azizunsal Jul 8 '13 at 7:21

Opening JavaScript files in text editor helps. You may like to change the default default file association for js files to Text Editor.

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