I need to have functional which allow me to serialize Map<CustomType1, CustomType2>. I create custom Serializer inherited from JsonSerializer. I also create simple module and register it in my mapper;

SimpleModule myModule = new SimpleModule("myModule");
myModule.addKeySerializer(CustomType1.class, new CustomType1Serializer());
myModule.addSerializer(CustomType1.class, new CustomType1Serializer());

And when I just serializing an instance of CustomType1 it works perfectly, but when I creating map and trying to serialize it, than jackson skip my serializer and using StdKeySerializer. How to fix that???

Thanks for your attention.


This problem seems related to Jackson's handling of generic objects. One way to get around the issue is by using a super type token to strictly define the map type. Illustrated:

final ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

final SimpleModule module = new SimpleModule("myModule",
module.addKeySerializer(CustomType1.class, new CustomType1Serializer());

final MapType type = mapper.getTypeFactory().constructMapType(
        Map.class, CustomType1.class, CustomType2.class);
final Map<CustomType1, CustomType2> map = new HashMap<CustomType1, CustomType2>(4);
final ObjectWriter writer = mapper.writerWithType(type);
final String json = writer.writeValueAsString(map);
  • Very appriciate for your help =) – Ph0en1x Dec 19 '12 at 9:10

addSerializer and addKeySerializer are just two types of available serializers that deal only with simple, non-POJO types. To have custom serialization for more complex types such as maps and collections, you need to .setSerializerModifier on your module, with a BeanSerializerModifier that overrides the modifyMapSerializer method and returns your custom serializer

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