I made a website with laravel for one of my clients, and they are using a shared hosting.

And i installed laravel to its home folder, so public folder became the public_html folder in host, and i changed it to public_html in the paths.php file.

And, after i installed it, i started to get

Directive 'safe_mode' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater

error. And after i googled it, everybody says that i need to comment out safe_mode from my php.ini file, but since i am on a shared hosting, there is no way for me to change that.

Any suggestions?

P.S: My client does not have a technical knowledge, and after they paid the money to hosting, they don't want to change it, and want me to handle this situation.

  • @Khuram excuse me but, i couldn't understand what you mean.
    – Umut Sirin
    Dec 19, 2012 at 19:49

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This is likely due to your error reporting level. Try ignoring E_DEPRECATED and possibly E_WARNING.

If you are running Laravel 3, you should be able to set your ignored error levels in application/config/error.php around line 16.

| Ignored Error Levels
| Here you simply specify the error levels that should be ignored by the
| Laravel error handler. These levels will still be logged; however, no
| information about them will be displayed.


Check your php.ini file and find the safe_mode declaration and comment it out. You might have to restart Apache after that.

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