I want to merge two plugins together.

I am using jquery autocomplete for zipcode field.

Now I want to add multiple entries for zipcode field so I found jQuery tags input plugin.

So I wnat to use jQueryUI autocomplete with jQuery tags input plugin.

I tried myself on JSfiddle but not working. link :-http://jsfiddle.net/7aDak/1719/

Can anyone help me for this functionality.

  • I believe tagsInput is powered by autocomplete. In fact, there's a demo on the project home page that demonstrates autocomplete functionality. What problems are you having, exactly? – Andrew Whitaker Dec 23 '12 at 16:22

You met two problems here:

  • default param name used by autocomplete is "term" - no changeable by simple param, you need to do it by "source" function
  • result needs two fields: "label" and "value" with is not provided by your provider - need response remap.

Code below is good for startpoint for you:

source: function(request, response) {
     url: "http://ws.geonames.org/postalCodeSearchJSON",
     dataType: "json",
     data: {
        postalcode_startsWith: request.term
     success: function(data) {
        response( $.map( data.postalCodes, function( item ) {
                        return {
                            label: item.countryCode + "-" + item.placeName,
                            value: item.postalCode


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  • thanks Saram..! actually I have done it in same as above before u telling. I just forgot to answer my own question.Thanks – Akki Jan 2 '13 at 13:48

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