I'm trying to use the md5 digest of an attachment I put on the CouchDB, but I can't understand what format it uses.

        "length":1952913,"stub":true }

That md5 is not hexadecimal but still it is ASCII, how do I use it?


The part of the digest after the md5- prefix looks like it's in Base-64 format.

If parsing in Javascript, the atob function can turn it back into binary data.

Assuming the above is correct then the hexadecimal equivalent is:

c8 36 ec d6 c7 1f 61 da aa 2e 9c 72 15 bd 60 17
  • that was it, thank you, now I'm able to use it. I'll accept your answer ASAP – Federico Bonelli Dec 21 '12 at 12:17
  • BTW who's interested in how to obtain bas64 md5 in java: link – Federico Bonelli Dec 21 '12 at 12:53

For anyone looking to work with the digest format used by couchdb using nodejs you can turn the base64 encoded digest into a "normal" hex string by removing the "md5-" prefix and then do:

new Buffer('yDbs1scfYdqqLpxyFb1gFw==', 'base64').toString('hex')

To go the other way and create the digest string from a hex value:

new Buffer('c836ecd6c71f61daaa2e9c7215bd6017', 'hex').toString('base64')

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