I am still stuck into problem of 3D game development for iPhone. I just want to know what are the basic things that we need to develop our iPhone 3D game.Like which engine is best or without engine also we can develop a FPS game? How to render image? How I will get the graphics or myself have to create a 3D image? I don't have guidance for this at all.

I have all this basic questions related to 3D game. I read all the tutorials which is based on openGL. But I cant able to understand how exactly start with game. Please can anybody guide me for this. Waiting for favorable response.


It seems you don't have a basic grasp yet on the 3d game basics on any platform, let alone the iphone. So I would concentrate on this first.

There are some really nice books for 3d game development. Read those first and then try to apply them to the iphone.


I thought that this was a good article:iPhone 3D Engine Review. Basically it compares a lot of different engines you can use.

  • is there an updated version of the 3d engine review? – ina Jul 23 '10 at 7:10

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