I am having a problem using the following regex. It works fine in regexr and rubular but it gives me an error when running it on node.js. I am fairly new to using regex and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. It will work if I knock off the (?<= ) so I presume that is the problem.

I'm trying to match 'is' with a leading and trailing space using /(?<= )is(?= )|==/g

Example with test words:

Node error output

 temp = temp.replace(/(?<= )is(?= )|==/g, '===');
SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(?<= )is(?= )|==/: Invalid group
at new RegExp (unknown source)

JavaScript regex does not support lookbehind at all.


However, you can fake it in some cases.


Quite simply, this is because JavaScript regular expressions have no support for lookbehinds:


Lookbehind is not supported at all. Lookahead is fully supported.

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