I would like to have a quiz with limited time for users to answer a question so they can't google. Unfortunately, this time protection can easily be bypassed if I do it with client sided languages like JavaScript. Is there a way to do this via PHP? It should be kind of secure.

Thanks in advance!

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    Save the time of last action in the session, then if time difference is > X print an error or have them start over
    – dualed
    Dec 21, 2012 at 17:42

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Sure, simply tell the user they have the set time to do it, and set a session variable like so:

$_SESSION['to_be_completed_by'] = time() + 60;

As time() gets the current epoch time in seconds, here you're giving the user a minute. And when they submit:

if($_SESSION['to_be_completed_by'] <= time()){
    // Completed within the limit
}else {
    // Not completed
  • Thanks you so much! I'm kind of new to PHP so thanks for helping me out :) Dec 21, 2012 at 17:46

$_SESSION['starttime'] = time(); on the render page, then $duration = time() - $_SESSION['starttime'] on the results page. Check if $duration > N (where N is the max duration).

This can also be coupled with javascript to alert the user their time is running low/out.

It should be noted that this would require session_start() to be called on the page(s).

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