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I need to draw some UML components (classes, packages etc) using Java 2D and then be able to drag them around. Is there a way to do this? I mean, to make a shape "draggable"?


JHotDraw was designed as "a Java GUI framework for technical and structured Graphics." The linked JHotDraw Pattern Language: JHotDraw Domain Overview illustrates how to customize drawing editors. The sample org.jhotdraw.samples.draw.Main is a reasonable starting point, and JModeller is a simple UML editor built using the framework.


Are you forced to swing?

If not you might have look at draw2d which is a java library that works on a SWT canvas. You can find some examples of draw2d here.


You can only add MouseListener to a (J)Component. All Java2D stuff is painted on the component. If you manage all shapes in a List you can search for the correct shape under the mouse courser, move it and repaint the component.

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