I have a link to edit a user say like below


this link is in user view page. On click of the above link it takes the user to user edit page with user id = 10.

But problem what i am facing is, in the edit page if i simply change the id from 10 to say 20 the user with user id 20 data can be changed. I want to restrict this. Some sort of post link i want to implement in user view page only.

Similar to POST link in CAKE PHP.

How can i do this in core PHP?

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    Simply implement some authentication and authorization checks in your application. It's impossible to be more specific than that, as you have provided no information to help you. – Brad Dec 22 '12 at 5:39
  • this link appear after login? if so then store user id in session and check that session id and get id are same or not. – Tinku Rana Dec 22 '12 at 5:40
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    Down votes may discourage people from asking question.We can probably add comments on how they can improve(Atleast for a new user). We all were newbies some day!! – KillABug Dec 22 '12 at 5:52

You have to implement some encryption/decryption technique for that
Check this link Simple PHP multi way encryption method

Encrypt the user id 10 and pass it to the link and decrypt it in the edit page.

compare the passed in userid against the current userid for equality and redirect if they don't match

Use some encryption for your variable that you are passing.PHP has functions like base64_encode and base64_decode which sends the variable in an encoded format.When you receive the values on the edit page page,the the variable using base64_decode($_GET('variable you sent through URL');.
Also,when you send variables through URL strings they are prone to injections.Try to use PHP functions like mysql_real_escape_strings or stripslashes to avoid them from any possible attack.

Hope that helps.

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