is is possible to get the binded ViewModel JavaScript object from a given DOM element?

ko.applyBindings( gLoginViewModel, document.getElementById("login-form") );
ko.applyBindings( gLoginViewModel, document.getElementById("register-form") );

and somewhere else - in rather unrelated code - something like this:

var viewModel = ko.getViewModel( formElement );
viewModel.someObservable( someData ); // observable available in all ViewModels

it would even be better if I could do something like:

var viewModel = ko.getViewModel( someChildElement );

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Knockout has two utility methods that might help here.

  • ko.dataFor will return the ViewModel that the element is bound to.
  • ko.contextFor returns the "binding context" of the current element. The object you get back from this method will return something like:

        $data: ...,

So if I understand your question, you can probably use ko.dataFor here. Here's a simple example using dataFor.


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