I would like to synchronize LIKE buttons on Facebook with other webpage. Simply after I post on FB some article/video, there is a LIKE button. How do I get url of it, so I could add it to that other webpage with same article/video? I would like to archieve when somebody click LIKE button on FB or that webpage, they will be counted to the same list.

Example: What URL I need to use to create a LIKE button, that would add people to this list: http://www.facebook.com/browse/likes?id=386314241455183


I think you want to put a like button on your webpage that syncs with the corresponding facebook page. Check this link :


Scroll down the page, and go to Step1 .. Enter the URL of your facebook page (eg : https://www.facebook.com/playbraindead) in the widget and click submit, it will give you the code (HTML,IFRAME etc) which you can add to your webpage and the likebox will sync!

  • No,... I would like to get url to LIKE button of specific article on FB,.... your metod just get a LIKE count for the whole page. I make a screen about specific example: i48.tinypic.com/k69gy.jpg – Jacob Dec 24 '12 at 15:34

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