When I run targets on ant it says it is unable to locate the variable I passed to it.

Config for environment variables :

in build.xml

<property environment="Env"/>

but I am unable to find the parameter defined parameter with ${Env.CATALINA_HOME}

where in the .bash_profile

export CATALINA_HOME=/Users/olgunkaya/development/apache-tomcat-7.0.34 and export PATH=${PATH}:$CATALINA_HOME

What can I do to achive this ?


Before you run ant, check to see if CATALINA_HOME is actually defined as an environment variable. I bet you'll find it isn't. Ant doesn't read your .profile or .bash_profile before starting, so if it's not already defined in your environment, Ant won't see it.

As you've seen opening a terminal window on a Mac doesn't necessarily guarantee that the .bash_profile file is executed. Try setting up these environment variables in .bashrc file instead.

Or, you can force .bash_profile to run by setting it as the Startup file in Terminal. Select File->Preferences from the menu, go to the Shell tab, select your default shell, and then click the Run Command checkbox and put .bash_profile in there. That will guarantee that .bash_profile is executed with each new terminal window.

  • I realized that your comment is correct after some search. But couldn't make to come here to write the answer. Thank you! – Olgun Kaya Dec 26 '12 at 18:06

I had a similar problem when referencing a custom variable, which was definitely defined in the shell spawning ant.

The solution was to EXPORT the variable when defined (in ~/.profile), so the shell would pass it to its children.

  • This question was the first I found while Googling the problem, so I thought I'd share it. – David Lord Jan 10 '17 at 0:11

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