I am having a sharepoint site and i had added a custom aspx page and I want to show the announcement list items in that page. How to show the list items in a custom page ?. Helpful links and sample code would be helpful?


Access Your custom page from the browser and Edit the page by clicking Site action > Edit Page. If you have a Web part Zone available in your page then

Click 'Add a webpart'(for webpart page) > Click 'Insert' tab in ribbon > Select 'WebPart' > List and libraries > select the announcement list and click OK.

This will add a web part of announcement list in your page.

But if you dont have the webpart zone then i am afraid it is not possible directly,

But you can use client object model for this visit this



I found a solution for my requirement. I had used XsltListViewWebPart for displaying announcement list in custom application page. I would like to thank everyone who offered me their advice thanks a lot.

The following link did it for me


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