I'm using Dropbox on daily basis and put my programming projects in there. It works great, but once I got many projects my /node_modules dir's are putting a struggle on Dropbox. It's syncing process starts to be slow and it eats up CPU time.

Is there any way to do a selective sync based on directory name or a mask pattern? Would be nice to have to a .gitignore equivalent to configure.

Any 3rd party software for that task?


There is a way to selectively sync but I don't believe it has any advanced rules like you're describing:


  • Thanks Karl, but that I already read. I look for a more controllable way of syncing ;) – Inoperable Jan 9 '13 at 16:15

2 way to resolve this problem:

  1. You can put node_modules upper then project directory in files tree. For example:
    Project dir: c:/prj/myProjWrapper/myProj
    In the c:/prj/myProjWrapper put package.json and make npm install here, NodeJS recursively will find it.

  2. Win and Linux only, not for Mac! In project dir create .ds_store folder (it is not sync by dropbox). Put package.json in to it and do npm install. You must set NODE_PATH=./.ds_store/node_modules;. when starting NodeJS

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