How do you add sound to a notification created by NotificationCompat.Builder? I created a raw folder in res and added the sound there. So how do I now add it to notification? This is my Notification code

    int NOTIFY_ID=100;
    Intent notificationIntent = new Intent(this, Notification.class);
    PendingIntent pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(this, 0, notificationIntent, PendingIntent.FLAG_CANCEL_CURRENT);

    NotificationCompat.Builder mBuilder =
            new NotificationCompat.Builder(this)

    NotificationManager mgr = (NotificationManager) getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);
    mgr.notify(NOTIFY_ID, mBuilder.build());

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I'm guessing the problem here is how to reference the sound with a Uri, as there is an obvious method in the NotificationCompat.Builder class - setSound(Uri soundUri).

To access your raw resources you need to create the Uri as follows:


So the code could end up looking like that:

Uri sound = Uri.parse("android.resource://" + getPackageName() + "/" + R.raw.notifysnd);
  • What format does my sound file need to be in? I'm getting a default sound instead of my own.
    – karl
    Jun 4, 2014 at 19:12
  • 2
    I've answered my own question with trial and error: 1) mp3 works, wav doesn't, and 2) I need to disable the default sound by building the notification and then doing n.defaults &= ~Notification.DEFAULT_SOUND;
    – karl
    Jun 4, 2014 at 19:30
  • 4
    If you are using Notification.Builder, builder.setDefaults(~Notification.DEFAULT_SOUND); will do the trick. Thanks to @karl for the tip
    – Maragues
    Feb 23, 2016 at 16:53

To play a sound with your notification:

Notification notification = new Notification(icon, tickerText, when);

Do normal notification procedures

To play the default sound with your notification:

notification.defaults |= Notification.DEFAULT_SOUND;

To play a custom sound with your notification:

notification.sound = Uri.parse("file:///sdcard/notification/notification.mp3");

Then just use the notification manager to send the notification. If both of these statements are used, the application will default to using the default sound.


For Android 8 (Oreo) and above you should use Notification Channel to show notifications, and they will automatically have sound if you haven't disabled it.

For older devices you can set sound with Notification Builder. You can use Notification.Builder.setSound() to set custom sound, or you can use

Notification.Builder.setDefaults(NotificationCompat.DEFAULT_SOUND) to set default sound.

There are also defaults for vibration and lights


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