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O. This website is like a drug to me. I am hoping someone can guide me over this task.

I need an script/workaround, in order to restrict direct file access to a folder or a file in specific, and allowing ONLY access to it via pre-authorized IP addresses.

What I would like to accomplish is for a file to be able to be be accessible via an iframe over my website, and only our website, but block any other attempt of visitors to access it directly. Restriction based on IP (adding my website's IP address to the pool of allowed visitors and block everyone else). opens up via iframe

but it would not be accesible directly

Is this even possible? I have been reading S.O for days trying to find a solution.

If anyone can think of a solution I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks a lot guys!

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Is this even possible? I have been reading S.O for days trying to find a solution.

Not what you are thinking. You can't restrict by IP because when you put the contents of in an iframe, it's still loaded by the client's browser, thus the remote IP that accesses it is still the client's IP. You can't deny/grant access via IP.

What you can do, is block access by referer. You can ensure that the referer is and only load the FILEA.html file if the request has that referer. However, people can spoof referers and circumvent this, thus still be able to directly access the file if they were persistent. You can do this via some rewrite rules placed in the htaccess file in your document root:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ! [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?private/FILEA.html$ - [L,F]

This means if the referer does not contain and if the request is for /private/FILEA.html, then return a 403 forbidden.

Something a bit more complicated would be issuing temporary session cookies when someone visits /public/ and route all requests for FILEA.html through a php script (or some other script) that verifies the session cookie is valid before serving the private file.

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