Please take a look at following image


I want help in inserting the code for the 4 characteristics in the image and thus forming the new html code


Using javascript and jquery (if youre using regular javascript, I think you need to use getElementById, Google it) and assuming your textbox is named "text":


    var text = this.val().replace("-",""); //get current text, take out the -
    var strlength = text.length;

    if (strlength >=10) //reached max length, ignore character        
        return false; // might be event.preventDefault();
    else if (strlength<5) //you want a letter
        //if not a letter, cancel input
        if (!(/^[a-zA-Z]+$/.test(String.fromCharCode(event.which))) return false;
    else if (strlength>=5) //you want a letter
        //if not a number, cancel input
        if (!(/^[0-9]+$/.test(String.fromCharCode(event.which))) return false;
        else if (strlength==5) this.val(text + "-"); //Add the hyphen

May need code to handle the backspace, but should be self-evident/explanatory

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