I'm trying to make a nice looking UI with Windows Forms but the main problem I have is that the MenuStrip in Windows Forms looks flat. In WPF everything is shiny and pops out, how can I make it so that it looks like that? I tried using a gradient background image but the buttons stayed as blue rectangles. I am also willing to use an alternative control. Any ideas?

I forgot to mention, regarding alternative controls I am looking for something free and open-source.


My personal suggestion would be that you move from menustrips to "Office-like" menus / ribbons.

Please go through the following links / search through these sites for more custom controls for winforms

Code Project


Windows Ribbon for WinForms (Part 1-21)


Code Plex




  • My porgram is relatively simple, I don't think I could use a ribbon, but I will look into the FlatMenu – Krikor Ailanjian Dec 29 '12 at 1:41

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