If I do this->setFocusPolicy(Qt::WheelFocus); then if I were to mouse wheel above the widget, it would get focus. If I were to do this->setFocusPolicy(Qt::ClickFocus); but then mouse wheel causes it to lose focus, even if the pointer is in the same widget. So, how do I get focus on click, but keep it on mouse wheel?

Upon further investigation: the mouseWheelEvent is always processed after focus events. So trying to set a variable to remember whether this is due to a mouse wheel does not work. Furthermore, the reason given in the FocusReason is mouse in the case of a wheel or a click, so that doesnt help either.

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enum Qt::FocusPolicy

This enum type defines the various policies a widget can have with respect to acquiring keyboard focus.
Constant            Value           Description
Qt::TabFocus        0x1             the widget accepts focus by tabbing.
Qt::ClickFocus      0x2             the widget accepts focus by clicking.
Qt::StrongFocus     TabFocus | 
                    ClickFocus | 
                    0x8     the widget accepts focus by both tabbing and clicking. On Mac OS X this will also be indicate that the widget accepts tab focus when in 'Text/List focus mode'.
Qt::WheelFocus      StrongFocus | 
                    0x4             like Qt::StrongFocus plus the widget accepts focus by using the mouse wheel.
Qt::NoFocus         0               the widget does not accept focus.

Qt::WheelFocus is made up of StrongFocus which is made up of ClickFocus, so you should just set WheelFocus to get all the previous ones.

  • The problem with WheelFocus is that it grabs focus when I mousewheel over the widget, which I dont want.
    – chacham15
    Commented Dec 28, 2012 at 7:02

The following does the trick:


void Foo::focusInEvent( QFocusEvent *event ){
    if (!(QApplication::mouseButtons() & Qt::LeftButton)){

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