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Embedding Java Applet into .html file

I have Googled and researched still I don't understand where I am going wrong.

My program consists of three classes: myFrame, myRightPanel and calculationEngine. myFrame is the class which extends JApplet, I did this:

public class myFrame extends JApplet implements ActionListener {
      //bunch of things here

myRightPanel class and calculationEngine class are instantiated and used by myFrame. Whole code works fine in the applet viewer in eclipse. The trouble i am facing is in embedding it into an html. I did this and it doesn't work.

<!DOCTYPE html>
            <h1> Ghun Chaatlo </h1></marquee>
            <applet code="myFrame.class" height="800" width= "1200"> 

All files: .html and .class files are in the same directory. But when I run the html, it doesn't show the applet. IDK why? Please help.


It seems you used html5. Here is the Best Way to Add A Java Applet to An HTML5 Document

<object type="application/x-java-applet" height="300" width="550">
  <param name="code" value="Sample" />
  <param name="archive" value="Sample.jar" />
  Applet failed to run.  No Java plug-in was found.

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