I have a ckeditor and bellow is my textarea for ckeditor and it's content and how can i get content only inside the <p id="footer"></p> using jquery

<textarea id="cheditor_text" name="cheditor_text" rows="10">
<p> welcome to our company </p>
<p id="footer">
Copy right @ exak=mple.com

Read this link , it is helpful .

Try using getData();

Useful Link

  • What you've proposed is a hard path that would require regex to extract #footer contents. – oleq Dec 29 '12 at 21:46

You can even retrieve contents of this element directly from editor:

CKEDITOR.instances.your_editor_instance.document.getById( 'footer' ).getHtml();

However I think that there's something wrong with the logic of what you want to do. Retrieving contents this way can be dangerous if users omit id attribute or use it twice. This is something you cannot rely on.

You should better create two editors, one with the content and the second for #footer. Another possibility is the inline editing feature introduced in CKEditor 4 that allows editing web pages as they are. In my opinion you should really rethink your idea to make it stable and reliable.


You can do it like this,

Live Demo

txt = $('#cheditor_text').text();
html = $('<div>').append(txt).find('#footer').prev()[0].outerHTML;

Without using outHTML

Live Demo

txt = $('#cheditor_text').text();
pTag = $('<div>').append(txt).find('#footer').prev();


var value = CKEDITOR.instances['cheditor_text'].getData();


$('#cheditor_text').ckeditor(function( textarea ){

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