Sorry if that sounds extremely confusing, but basically I've got a two column array storing a list of 2D coordinates:

array([[ 0.31730234,  0.73662906],
   [ 0.54488759,  0.09462212],
   [ 0.07500703,  0.36148366],
   [ 0.33200281,  0.04550565],
   [ 0.3420866 ,  0.9425797 ],
   [ 0.36115391,  0.16670599],
   [ 0.95586938,  0.52599398],
   [ 0.13707665,  0.6574444 ],
   [ 0.77766138,  0.56875582],
   [ 0.79618595,  0.7139309 ]])

I've got a list of dictionaries and in each of these dictionaries there is a list of random combinations of these coordinates under a key called 'coordinates'.

How do I make a function that, if a random set of coordinates is given, checks if these coordinates are present in any of the dictionaries, and then returns the index of the dictionary its present in?

Obviously the arguments are the list of dictionaries (since I actually have multiple lists of them) and the coordinate id in the array. Every time I try something with the any function or enumerate or find, I get syntax errors - e.g.:

def whichcluster(list,coordinate_id):
.....:     for elem in list:
.....:         if any(x in elem['coordinates'] for coordinate_id):
.....:             return list.index(elem)
.....:         else:
.....:             return False

Why isn't this working?

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    Don't use list as a variable name. – eumiro Dec 28 '12 at 12:10
  • Could you explain your intent a little further please. It might help to figure out the most efficient solution. Do you only wish to return the index of the first matching cluster or all? – Rob Cowie Dec 28 '12 at 12:46

Four Issues with your code

  • Your generator expression feeding to any is wrong. It should be any(x in elem['coordinates'] for x in coordinate_id)
  • You don;t need to use list.index(elem), to get the index but rather while looping use the enumerate function to get the index with the element `for index, elem in enumerate(list):
  • Using a return inside a loop return list.index(elem) would prematurely return with the first hit. You may miss any subsequent matches. You need to create a generator
  • Don;t use a reserved/in-build names for variable names, for example instead of list, use something more appropriate like coord_list

You comprehension is written wrong, it should be:

if any(x in elem['coordinates'] for x in coordinate_id):

And list is a typename, don't use it as a variable name.

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