I generate metamodel of my entities with the Hibernate Static Metamodel Generator Annotation Processor. So, I can build criteria properly by using field (compilation check safe) like this instead of specifying directly the field name as a string :


I migrate old code to this new system but some functions take string as argument and not SingularAttribute (metamodel type).

I don't want to change the signature of these functions for now.

My question : can I access to the field name using the metamodel and transform it to a string ?

I would like to do something like MyClass_.myField.toString() but it does not return the name of the field.


That's so easy that I don't find it immediatly...

just call :

  • This solution works only in the simplest case. It does not take into account the cases where you specfiy a different column name using the @Column annotation, for example. – user1050755 Sep 7 '17 at 2:31

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