I`m currently using route53 for 2 domains that points to the same website.

Lets assume they are www.example.com and www.example.com.xx, I`ve created 2 hosted zones and maintained the configuration created by default. So, initially I had entries for NS an SOA in each hosted zone.

My EC2 instances are behind Elastic Load Balancer, so my first step was to create aliases for both domains and it naked domains, having the following scenario:


name                             type                   value
example.com.               NS                    Generated value
example.com.               SOA                 Generated value
example.com.                 A                      ALIAS to my ELB
*.example.com.               A                      ALIAS to my ELB
www.example.com.        A                      ALIAS to my ELB


name                                  type                   value
example.com.xx.               NS                    Generated value
example.com.xx.               SOA                 Generated value
example.com.xx.                 A                      ALIAS to my ELB
*.example.com.xx.               A                      ALIAS to my ELB
www.example.com.xx.        A                      ALIAS to my ELB

Both domains are pointing to the same ELB, where Apache configs to example.com. Then, my Django app subdomain middleware redirects to example.com(301) if request.get_host contains the .com.xx substring.

It is working perfect for both www.example.com and example.com as for www.example.com.xx, my problem is with example.com.br that never reaches my server.

I`ve already tried to make a PTR entry example.com.br -> www.example.com.br, but it was not the solution.

Anyone can point where my DNS config for this naked domain is failing?

Thank you


Firstly lets worry about example.com.br. [www.example.com.br we will take later]

Did you made changes on ur Domain registrar; so as to give DNS servers as that of Amazon ? What is the output you are getting when u do : nslookup example.com.br

also what is the output for ping example.com.br

  • Hello Deepak, thanks for your reply. I did change domain servers delegation to Amazon NS servers through 3rd party domain provider that deals with the registrar. Now looking for it, I realized that Im able to manage DNS table in both systems (route53 and brazilian domain provider), I dont believe it is an expected behaviour. I will now skip this 3rd party provider that is not needed anymore and update the thread soon. Thanks and best regards – André Teixeira Jan 9 '13 at 13:38

Yesterday night I was able to redirect my naked domain properly, it was a bug in my brazilian provider that was dealing with the registrar. Actually, I just gave them back the control of the DNS table and took it away (returning it to route53).

Anyway, they were being used as a bridge to the registrar since I was migrating. Now I`m dealing directly with registro.br and the problem is gone.

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