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I apologize in advance if this question sounds naive to you. The problem is this: I have this function and I want the callback function to send the "response" back to my server via Ajax.

function FbInviteFriends()
    method: 'apprequests',
    message: 'Hi! Join me on XXXXXXX'
    //My callback function
                 //Send response to my server

Is there a way to check that the response I'm going to receive server-side is actually the same I got when the callback function is called and that the response hasn't been modified on the client-side by the user?


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I'm not sure in your case, but I think that if you don't want users to modify the code, you should do it server-side. –  Oriol Dec 28 '12 at 19:59

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There's a few ways, but all of them fall on the same principle - you can never know for sure, so treat it with a grain of salt and validate.

That said, one way to put at least one usage constraint may look like this:

  • Page accessed: Generate a token GUID. Render it at the client.
  • Store in the user session the moment it was created/used, together with user profile.
  • Client appends the token to all Ajax posts.
  • Token is validated at the server; must match SessionID, user profile (if any), and maximum usage timeout.

If it fails validation, abort the operation.

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