I have a Spring MVC Controller with handlers like so:

@RequestMapping(value = "/account/login", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String login() {
    return "login";

@RequestMapping(value = "/account/login", method = RequestMethod.POST, params = "login")
public String login(@RequestParam(value = "username") String username, 
        @RequestParam(value = "password") String password) {

    // do authentication
    return "home";

The form in the login.html page POSTs to account/login (the same url). I'd like that after the authentication, I redirect the user to the home page of my application, so that he sees www.mywebappexample.com in address bar instead of www.mywebappexample.com/account/login. When I return the string from the login method, it renders the proper html but I don't have the URL I want to show. How can I redirect?

Edit: I had to prefix my controller return String with redirect:. This works if you have a view resolver that subclasses UrlBasedViewResolver UrlBasedViewResolver. Thymeleaf's view resolver doesn't do that but it does have the behavior -> ThymeleafViewResolver. Here's my servlet-context.xml (I'm using thymeleaf):

<bean id="templateResolver"
    <property name="prefix" value="/WEB-INF/"/>
    <property name="suffix" value=".html"/>
    <property name="templateMode" value="HTML5"/>

<bean id="templateEngine" class="org.thymeleaf.spring3.SpringTemplateEngine">
    <property name="templateResolver" ref="templateResolver"/>

<bean id="viewResolver" class="org.thymeleaf.spring3.view.ThymeleafViewResolver">
    <property name="templateEngine" ref="templateEngine"/>
    <property name="order" value="1"/>

You can use a redirect in the tag instead which should update the URL in the browser window:

return "redirect:home";
  • This isn't doing it, but I'm assuming it's because I'm using Thymeleaf as my ViewResolver. Doesn't redirect need some other Resolver? – Sotirios Delimanolis Dec 28 '12 at 23:59
  • Haven't used that one. Try org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver – Reimeus Dec 29 '12 at 0:02
  • A little playing around with this and it worked. Check my edits if interested. – Sotirios Delimanolis Dec 29 '12 at 8:23
  • +1: InternalResourceViewResolver extends UrlBasedViewResolver also but may not have all the functionality that you require. :) – Reimeus Dec 29 '12 at 12:43

Check if the authentication passed successfully and then forward the request with the request dispatcher

RequestDispatcher rd = servletContext.getRequestDispatcher("/pathToResource");
 rd.forward(request, response);
  • I'd really rather not go down to that level. I want to leave it to Spring if it's possible. – Sotirios Delimanolis Dec 29 '12 at 0:01

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