i have a $.ajax function that POSTS a data.

i have success: function(){alert("successflly posted")}

i check Firebug console, ajax request is POSTED and completed successfully, hOWEVER, the alert message never fires.

  • Can you post the entire $.ajax call? Are you getting any Javascript errors in the error console? – strager Sep 10 '09 at 21:46

There's probably some error. Try setting the error callback:

error: function(httpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) { 
   alert("status=" + textStatus + ",error=" + errorThrown);

That may tell you why it's not working


A great suggestion by Philippe.

You could also try setting breakpoints/watches in firebug to see where your code is actually going (or not going).


You can also try the $.post() method, which is a wrapper for the more complicated $.ajax() method.



Would you mind posting the entire block of code here? A couple of quick notes- if you are using firebug, you don't need to use the alert() method, instead, use console.log()

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