So, in my strings.xml I have a very long text which I want to format somehow. How can I put a tab before the first sentence of the text? Also, what is the code for new line? Thanks


Add \t for tab and \n for new line.

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Use \n for a line break and \t if you want to insert a tab.

You can also use some XML tags for basic formatting: <b> for bold text, <i> for italics, and <u> for underlined text

More info:


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Use \t to add tab and \n for new line, here is a simple example below.

<string name="list_with_tab_tag">\tbanana\torange\tblueberry\tmango</string>
<string name="sentence_with_new_line_tag">This is the first sentence\nThis is the second scentence\nThis is the third sentence</string>
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You can use \n for new line and \t for tabs. Also, extra spaces/tabs are just copied the way you write them in Strings.xml so just give a couple of spaces where ever you want them.

A better way to reach this would probably be using padding/margin in your view xml and splitting up your long text in different strings in your string.xml

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Add '\t' for tab

<string name="tab">\u0009</string>
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add this line at the top of string.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

and use


from where you want to break your line.

ex. <string> Hello world. \n its awesome. <string>


Hello world.
its awesome.
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  • Include this line in your layout xmlns:tools="http://schemas.android.com/tools"
  • Now , use \n for new line and \t for space like tab.
  • Example :

    for \n : android:text="Welcome back ! \nPlease login to your account agilanbu"

    for \t : android:text="Welcome back ! \tPlease login to your account agilanbu"

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