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My table looks like this:

    title      |    slug
The Title      | the-title
Another Title  | another-title
another title  | another-title

I want to select by distinct slug, but also want the title returned as part of the results. Which title gets returned for multiple matches, I don't care.

So my results look like this:

[('The Title', 'the-title'), ('Another Title', 'another-title')]
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Did you mean 'another-slug' instead of 'another-title' in your example? – Derek Litz Dec 31 '12 at 20:06

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You probably want to do something like:

session.query(func.max(Table.title), Table.slug).group_by(Table.slug).all()
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Instead of using a distinct keyword, you should use an aggregate function with a group by clause. Consider the following SQL to solve your need:

SELECT MAX(title), slug
  FROM yourtable

The group by clause will cause the query to return only one row per distinct value for slug. The max function is an aggregate function which will return the maximum value for title within each group. This will give you one of the titles and since you don't care which one, that should be all you need.

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