I have an iframe in my web page. It works fine in FF and Chrome but not in Safari (I'm using Safari 6.0)

This is my code:

        <div id="container">  
            <iframe name="news" id="news"   
       </div><!--end container div-->  

Funny thing is that, if I access the src url and then access the iframe page, then the iframe shows the content properly, but if I just access the iframe page without accessing the src url page before, it does not show the content.

Any ideas?


The iframe seems to be redirecting to a mediating page (penDummyLogon.aspx) which attempts to automatically submit a form to the final page (main.aspx) and set a cookie.

Since this method of setting a cookie seems to have been blocked in the recent Safari versions, the user arrives at the final page without the cookie. main.aspx doesn't seem to be able to handle the missing cookie, and as a result its expected content doesn't load.

For more about this subject see Does the technique for setting third-party cookies in iframes in Safari still work? and Safari 3rd party cookie iframe trick no longer working?

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    Thanks very much, I see that the site is redirecting to penDummyLogon.aspx but how do you know that it then submits a form to main.aspx and sets a cookie? How can you find that out? – Rafael Jan 1 '13 at 16:44
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    Google Chrome's Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+J) provides a handy log of http requests generated by the page, under the "Network" tab. Also, you can see the form in the page's source code (Ctrl+U). As for cookies, they can usually be seen in the browser's privacy settings. For example, in Google Chrome cookies can be found this settings page: chrome://chrome/settings/cookies – Boaz Jan 1 '13 at 16:58

the third party cookies are not working in safari.but in asp.net you can achieve this by using the cookieless sessions.

for more information refer this link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa479314.aspx

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