I couldn't find any information about how to dump a MySQL database with an ant task.

Do I have to create my own task to do this?

ANT script ===generate==> myDataBase.sql

Create a target that runs the "mysqldump" command like this:

<target name="dump-database">  
    <exec executable="mysqldump" output="database-dump.sql">  
        <arg value="--user=username" />  
        <arg value="--password=password" />  
        <arg value="--host=localhost" />  
        <arg value="--port=3306" />  
        <arg value="mydatabase" />  

Now you can make the dump by executing ant dump-database


And to import some sql file using ant, that is also useful:

    <exec executable="mysql" failonerror="true" input="file.sql">
        <arg value="-u ${user}" />  
        <arg value="-p${pass}" />  
        <arg value="-h ${host}" />  
        <arg value="-P 3306" />  
        <arg value="-D ${database}" />  

*note that the correct is -ppassword and not -p password


    <exec executable="mysql" failonerror="true" input="file.sql">
        <arg value="--user=${user}" />  
        <arg value="--password=${pass}" />  
        <arg value="--host=${host}" />  
        <arg value="--port=3306" />  
        <arg value="--database=${database}" />  

It's also nice because it doesn't use external libs/sql drivers like org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver.


You can use Exec task, which will start your script which will perform all actions necessary for dumping (or whatever).


If you wanna make it data driven, try this guy out using the ant sql task:

<macrodef name="sql-retrieve-table-schema">
    <attribute name="schema-name"/>
    <attribute name="table-name"/>
    <attribute name="connection-url"/>
    <attribute name="output-file"/>
        <sql userid="username" url="@{connection-url}"  classpathref="compile.classpath"
            password="apassword" driver="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" print="true" output="@{output-file}"
            showheaders="false" showtrailers="false">
            SHOW CREATE TABLE @{table-name};

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