Using L3 the following works fine :

$r = Site::with('services')->get()

That returns exactly what I'd expect. An array of Site objects, with the services relationship all neatly populated.

However, if instead I only use the following:

$r = Site::with('services')->first()


$r = Site::with('services')->all()

The relationships for the site object are complete empty.

That feels like a bug to me, but is there something off in what I'm trying to do? At the moment to get the same effect as using first() in place of get() I'm having to pull the first element from the returned array.


First of all, using ->first() should work as expected. Try it again, I have and it works. If it doesn't work for you, check your version. Mine is 3.2.10.

->all() is not supposed to work like that, it's just a simple shortcut. The docs say to retrieve an entire table, use the static all method. Note that it's a static method and you're using it in an object context. But anyway, you can just forget about that and use ->get(), what's wrong with that?

And if you look at the source code laravel/database/eloquent/model.php, you'll see this:

public static function all()
    return with(new static)->query()->get();

As you can see, this function just creates a new Model, then retrieves all the rows.

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